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Kinexus: Business Development Division

Agribusiness Solutions

At Kinexus, agribusiness is a broad term that we use to describe any good or service involved in farming, processing, marketing, local food systems, wineries and anything else having to do with agriculture in Southwest Michigan.

Among the many gifts Lake Michigan gives our region, is a microclimate that makes it the second most agriculturally diverse area in the nation. The products we grow are our third largest export with an annual $490 million impact on the local economy. Besides growing and selling food, we serve as the backyard for cities like Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. When city dwellers want to come out to play, they pick fruit in our orchards, journey down our wine trail, and enjoy locally grown dishes in our restaurants. The Kinexus team sees each new day as an opportunity to expand agribusiness in the region and to ensure that agriculture and agritourism remain a force for the regional economy.

Collaborative Marketing Grant

Kinexus is leading efforts with agribusiness stakeholders on a special grant that aims to make the Emerald Avenue the crown jewel of agritourism. The grant is helping establish a collective marketing effort in which an alliance of local farmers and retailers are collaborating to sell the area as a destination for agri-products and tourism. If you think your business might be a good fit or if you’d like to learn more about this project, please contact Regional Manager, Business Development Projects, Dan Peat.

Agribusiness Data

Click here for industry-specific data or contact Carpe Data to build a customized market report for your business.


  • One-on-one counseling or coaching, confidential and free of charge
  • Capital access
  • Strategic needs analysis and planning as well as financial analysis, and industry benchmarking
  • New market development and product/service diversification
  • Market data
  • Food systems profiling and development
  • Access to a regional marketing effort

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    Ray Mays

    Business Development Highlight

    "I'm pleased and overwhelmed with the level of service that I received!" - Ray Mays, Owner, Ray's on the Green more >>

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    Marie Eisbrenner

    Workforce Development Highlight

    "Kinexus has sped up the hiring process for our organization, allowing us to focus on the many other challenges which we face in the ever-changing healthcare environment." - Marie Eisbrenner, CEO, Pride Care more >>

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    Bret Witkowski

    Community Development Highlight

    “Our goal was to get the deconstruction done the right way; Kinexus’ eager and active team did it how it should be done from start to finish.” – Bret Witkowski, Berrien Co. Treasurer more >>

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