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Business Successes


Bill Mach Owner of Mach Mold

Bill discusses how Kinexus helps connect manufacturers with educators and other resources.


Sarah Jollay Owner of Jollay Orchards

Sarah explains how the Kinexus team "blew the lid off" an idea she and fellow farmers had for a collective marketing effort.

Ed Vandenack, BA, CHA Chief Operating Officer, The Inn at Harbor Shores

We needed to hire 125 individuals very quickly. Kinexus came to us with a plan and executed it perfectly. They took the worry out of getting us fully staffed by our deadline and continue to provide excellent service to meet our ongoing staffing needs.

Kim Slazek Human Resources Manager, Lovejoy

Kinexus Business Solutions has been very attentive over the past year to identify talent for our growing business needs. Through this partnership, Kinexus has acted on behalf of Lovejoy, Inc. to ensure optimal financial benefits through the OJT program. Whether the OJT qualified individual is a candidate presented through Kinexus or through another source, our Kinexus Business Development Specialist works to ensure that Lovejoy, Inc. does not have any missed opportunities through the OJT program.

Allissa McManus Piggott's Farm Market & Bakery

Our Emerald Avenue membership dues are paying for themselves over and over again! The EA is a great asset to the Southwest Michigan agritourism industry. Thanks to Kinexus for taking the lead on bringing the Emerald Avenue to life.

Ray Mays Owner, Ray's on the Green

I needed to hire 35-40 experienced restaurant employees. I called Kinexus and told them my hiring needs and that set the wheels in motion- from beginning to orientation, the process took less than three weeks. I'm pleased and overwhelmed with the level of service that I've received! I would highly recommend them.

David LaGrow Owner, Maximum Mold

Successful economic development now hinges on attracting the right kind of workers. Kinexus has been accomplishing this with its wide array of programs. Specifically, Kinexus recently dispatched a team of professionals to assist us with new ideas in the realms of Lean Manufacturing, 5S strategies, and ISO 9001 certification. Without their support it would have been a difficult path to certification. Kinexus has allowed us to look to the future of being a knowledge based company with highly skilled employees.

Bill Mach Owner, Mach Mold

Kinexus assisted us in training two of our newly hired apprentices. Both went through the Get SET training created by Kinexus. We were very happy with the outcome. Both of the individuals came to us with no practical experience. After the training they were able to come into the plant and start running the CNC machining centers with some confidence. They needed to continue to learn our processes and systems, but the training got them over the hurdle of having no idea what they were doing. To have this starting point saved us time and money that we had spend in the past to get people started. We intend to use the training and hire people who have completed this training in the future. Kinexus also provided project management training for our management, sales, and engineering groups. It helped us to improve our processes and we feel it was a huge benefit.

Berrien Tooling Coalition

The Berrien Tooling Coalition is a group of 19 companies formed in an attempt to reduce expenses in an increasingly competitive global environment. Kinexus has been and continues to be a valued partner in continuously improving the training of new and existing employees, introducing and facilitating best practices, discussions, promoting our business and introducing us to other organizations and members of the community. Kinexus continues to be our go to organization for a wide range of suggestions and cooperation.



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    Ray Mays

    Business Development Highlight

    "I'm pleased and overwhelmed with the level of service that I received!" - Ray Mays, Owner, Ray's on the Green more >>

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    Marie Eisbrenner

    Workforce Development Highlight

    "Kinexus has sped up the hiring process for our organization, allowing us to focus on the many other challenges which we face in the ever-changing healthcare environment." - Marie Eisbrenner, CEO, Pride Care more >>

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    Bret Witkowski

    Community Development Highlight

    “Our goal was to get the deconstruction done the right way; Kinexus’ eager and active team did it how it should be done from start to finish.” – Bret Witkowski, Berrien Co. Treasurer more >>

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