Kinexus Internship Program

Here at Kinexus, we are dedicated to creating the best talent pipeline both in and outside of our walls. This is why each year, we bring interns into our offices to work beside us, bringing fresh eyes and new ideas to the mix.

Our internship program is based in our Benton Harbor headquarters, focusing on Finance, Business, Talent, Marketing, Non-Profit, and Education. It is a 12 week paid internship. Applicants must be in pursuit of an undergrad degree at the junior or senior level.

We are looking for talented individuals who are ready to build relationships, be a team player, be responsible, driven, and have initiative. We are an ever changing organization that requires adaptability and change.

Past Internship Experiences

Each of our interns leave with valuable experience, new friends, and great network connections.

In 2017, we had interns join us from as far away as Hawaii. We don’t offer relocation assistance, but you can’t miss Michigan’s Southwest Coast in the summer. Our office is five minutes down the road from Silver Beach in St. Joseph, MI and close to the art district of Benton Harbor. Some of our past interns have even come back and worked for as as full-time employees. We can’t seem to get rid of them!

Intern Testimonials

We asked a few of our past interns to give us their Kinexus story.

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If you’re interested in learning more, or applying to be a Summer Intern with Kinexus, please contact Katelyn Hancock at