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Kinexus invests in strategies, initiatives and services that help make our region the ideal destination for businesses and people. When you become a Kinexus donor, you too become a change agent for the region, transforming intent into action.

Stack the Deck 

Stack the Deck

We collect partially used gift cards and use the balances to purchase items needed for Kinexus educational programs.

How can a used gift card transform a life?

Your donated cards can buy much needed items for the educational services powered by Kinexus.

Kinexus is dedicated to creating solutions for business, workforce and community challenges to promote economic vitality and make Southwest Michigan a great place to live, work and play! One way that we do this is by offering a variety of educational programs devoted to helping youth and adults become job-ready. These programs include:

  • Bridge Academy
  • YouthBuild
  • Jobs for America’s Graduates
  • Career Online High School
  • Kinexus/Heartland Alliance Adult Education

Beyond basic educational needs, our participants face many challenges to getting their lives moving in the right direction. By donating your partially used gift cards, you help us remove barriers and transform lives!

Why gift cards?

Because we know you have them!

Every year $8 billion in gift card balances go unspent, and this is an opportunity for you to give something you will never miss.

How can I donate a gift card?

There are several options to donate.

  1. Mail in your card to: Kinexus Stack the Deck, 499 West Main Street, Benton Harbor, MI, 49022.
  2. Throw a Stack the Deck Party! Have friends bring cards to donate at your family reunion, birthday party or BBQ!
  3. Drop off a card at a donation box. Current locations include Bound for Freedom (downtown St. Joseph), Mosaic Cafe (Main Street, Benton Harbor), Cravings Bistro & Pub (Mall Drive, Benton Harbor), and M&W Tire (M139, Benton Harbor).

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    Ray Mays

    Business Development Highlight

    "I'm pleased and overwhelmed with the level of service that I received!" - Ray Mays, Owner, Ray's on the Green more >>

  • meet

    Marie Eisbrenner

    Workforce Development Highlight

    "Kinexus has sped up the hiring process for our organization, allowing us to focus on the many other challenges which we face in the ever-changing healthcare environment." - Marie Eisbrenner, CEO, Pride Care more >>

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    Bret Witkowski

    Community Development Highlight

    “Our goal was to get the deconstruction done the right way; Kinexus’ eager and active team did it how it should be done from start to finish.” – Bret Witkowski, Berrien Co. Treasurer more >>

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